For the Quality Roofing Maine Homeowners Trust, Call Casco Bay Roofing & Renovations

Casco Bay Roofing & Renovations provides renovations like roof repair in Portland, Maine at competitive rates! Our professionals are certified and highly trained to give you quality materials and workmanship you can rely on year-round!

Casco Bay Roofing & Renovations Offers You Comprehensive Services

As our name implies, we specialize in roofing. We don’t only provide roof repair, however. We can also help with roofing services like winterization, to keep your roof protected and insulated through snowy weather, and roof shoveling, to prevent build-up of snow and to reduce stress on your home.

We also perform other renovation-related services, for your convenience:

• Decks
• Insulation
• Renovations
• Siding
• Window Replacement

Contact us today to get an estimate and consultation for your renovation project. Our team has years of experience with many different renovation and roofing jobs in Maine, so you can trust us to give you accurate estimates, on-time service, and quality workmanship. We look forward to helping you protect and perfect your home!

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